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I highly recommend Astrid to any woman seeking a stress free pregnancy and birthing experience. Astrid's calm, caring manner was just what I needed for my third pregnancy. After dealing with hospitals and doctors with my other two births, Astrid was a breath of fresh air. Her extensive knowledge of a woman's body, pregnancy, nutrition, and alternative medicine is amazing. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well. She was always on call to answer any question I had and towards the end of my pregnancy she frequently called me to check in. She truely cares about her clients and her geniune spirit is beautiful. With Astrid's assistance I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the comfort of my own home. My birth happened naturally, instinctually, and unihibited. Astrid believes in a woman's body to do what comes naturally. It was a beautiful experience! Astrid is truely called to be a widwife and I feel blessed to have had her in my life.
-Bree K. of Boulder Creek, CA

To start off I am an average kind of girl. I am 26 yrs. old and this was my first pregnancy. My main concern, like most mothers, was what would be the healthiest, and safest thing for me and more importantly my child. So here is my story with the woman I call an "Angel".
I first came across the documentary "The Business of Being Born", before I even became pregnant. I recommend watching it whether you are pregnant or not. It is a very informative and non-biased interpretation of hospital birth versus home birth. It got me thinking about what I would want for me and my baby, but I was still undecided.
It wasn't until my first doctors appointment (which left me scared, full of worry and doubt) that I decided to then pursue having a midwife. I started out by writing down every question and worry that I had and began interviewing. I talked to 4 midwives before I got to Astrid. I definitely saved the best for last! Any questions that I threw at her she handled with ease and considerate thought. She made me feel so comfortable, like I was talking to someone that I had known all my life. I always felt if I am going to give birth in front of someone I would like them to know me as a person and all my concerns and beliefs, and that is exactly what I got.
Astrid exceeded any expectation. She was always there for me from the beginning of my pregnancy to as long as I needed her in the end. Thank goodness she was because I had it rough postpartum! That's the thing ladies, is no one tells you how it's going to be postpartum because everyone's experience is different. And in my case I sure was glad I made the decision to have Astrid by my side.
If you want someone who is very down to earth, consoling, as sweet as can be, positive, loving and extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy and home birth you will pick Astrid. I adore her and I know you will too!
-Melissa S. of Los Gatos, CA

Having Astrid as a midwife was fantastic. She's incredibly intelligent, intuitive & grounded, exactly the kind of person one needs a midwife to be. She's wonderful to work with making each visit comfortable, informative and stress free. Her knowledge of herbs, abdominal massages & her library truly allowed us to receive a full spectrum of care. Astrid has a huge heart; always remaining thoughtful and taking her time with both me and my partner to ensure we all had a healthy birth experience. She instilled confidence in us and our ability to have the sacred birth we intended. Her knowledge of the mind and body connection was a positive factor in the dealings of my state of being. My partner delivered our first child in Astrid's birth tub while she orchestrated what was the most amazing experience of our lives.
-Shara Free of Santa Cruz, CA

My family is so grateful to you for helping us to have such an amazing home birth experience. Throughout my pregnancy and labor, you offered such wonderful support and encouragement that means so very much to us.  You helped me to find and hold onto my strength to bring my first son into this world in the natural way that he was meant to be.  We all feel like having you with us in the journey was like having a friend there. Thank you!!!!

CJ, Quoc, Galaxy and Orion of San Jose

Truly, thank you so much Astrid for everything!  You were exactly what we had hoped for in a midwife- I consider you a friend, one that I am so very blessed to know.  Thank you for your strength, peaceful energy, love, and magical sparkle that you bring to everything you do.  You are a gem!

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