Astrid doing a newborn exam

Welcome to the Earth

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  • December 26th- Gabriel of San Jose
  • November 30th- Matias of Mountain View
  • August 11th - Maxwell of San Jose
  • August 9th - Nate Isidore Kutzen of Aptos
  • August 5th - Jebediah of Campbell
  • July 30th - Jeronim Skender of San Jose
  • July 15th - Lyla Lou of La Selva Beach
  • July 13th- Lucas Scott McFarland of Boulder Creek
  • June 6th - Shaiya McCarthy of Los Gatos
  • May 25th - Benjamin Forbes of Boulder Creek
  • May 21st - Nauioselotlsin Martinez of San Jose
  • May 11th - Orion Kunkell of Santa Cruz
    Baby Kunkell
  • April 17th - Zoe Dylan Edgeworth of Mountain View
  • February 19th - Robert Rader of Campbell
    Robert Rader
  • January 24th - Callia Jade Hughes of Boulder Creek
    Callia Jade
  • January 7th - Odin Maxwell Blackwolf of Boulder Creek
    Odin Maxwell


  • December 3rd - Izabelle Schipper of Los Gatos
  • November 17th - Kylie Dolores Spencer of Watsonville
  • November 14th - Sebastian Skye Forhan of Ben Lomond
    Sebastian Skye
  • October 31st - Ian Hugh of Mountain View
    Ian Hugh
  • October 29th - Lucille Juniper of Los Gatos
    Lucille Juniper

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