Trillium flower
Trillium erectum, Birthroot

The root of this beautiful woodland plant is used to start and strengthen uterine contractions and is currently on the United Plant Savers "At Risk" list.

Astrid Grove LM, CPM
Homebirth Midwifery Care in Santa Cruz, California and San Jose, California
**Astrid is currently not practicing midwifery, instead she is staying home with her daughter***

Astrid with newborn baby

Birthroot Midwifery provides comprehensive and holistic prenatal, birth and postpartum care to families. It is an honor and a gift to witness and support the transformation of couples into parents, and babies being welcomed into the loving embrace of a gentle birth.

Pregnancy and birth are natural and healthy life processes. As your midwives, we will provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about the care you receive. Our mission is to support you and your family in having the best birthing experience possible.

This is a very sacred time in life, preparing to invite a new person into your family. It is with great honor that we look forward to playing a supportive role in your unfolding as parents to this new baby.

"The root of every culture's success lies in its birthing practices. Let's create a culture based on love and trust, on peace and compassion, on empowerment and respect. "  -Astrid Grove, Licensed Midwife

*Serving Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties*